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Welcome everyone and let us share with you what the Kindy 1 and Kindy 2 classroom explored today. Because of the low numbers we combined the class into the Kindy 1 room today. The children from Miss Shannan’s class loved exploring some new resources and getting some indoor time with their Kindy 1 friends.

Kindy 2: Construction activities were the most popular activity this morning with Hendrix, Tanner and Ryan making lots of unique creations like towers, fences and wands. Riley and Christopher enjoyed their own space completing puzzles and building with lego. Bonnie and Emisyn made a closer connection today and worked together to make a large domino chain with the Jenga blocks. Harper and Millie headed straight for the Kindy 1 home corner to play shops with the food , utensils, and dentist equipment.

Kindy 1: Maia, Denis and Willow worked to add some more of their worksheets and observations to their learning journals. The children have been keen to revisit these in the class and some will be taking them home to have a read with their families before bringing them back so we can add more of the exciting learning we have been doing. Oliver had plenty of time to construct some amazing buildings with the magnetic shapes. He built and rearranged and showed great concentration. Kaylee and Chi were busy drawing with the textures and eventually moved on to the whiteboards as well joining Maia and Millie. Willow really enjoyed the alphabet fishing activity where she had to fish out the letters and match them to the correct sheet.

Group activities:

  • Farewell song to Kaylee who is leaving for a new Kindy after 4 years at Riversdale! We all helped make her a wonderful card
  • Alphabet fishing – fishing the letters out of the water and matching them to the correct letter card, lots of discussions about the letters in our names
  • Rip Tag – trying to rip a ribbon from the back of each other’s clothes to try and be the last child standing, lots of dodging and spatial awareness required

In the afternoon we plan to have some more group games and songs and maybe have some dancing games/activities as Miss Jeni wasn’t here today due to lockdown.

Thanks for joining us today and have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Andrew, Miss Steph and Miss Shannan