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Welcome back everyone after another long weekend

We arrived to a sunny day where our friends were all playing in the big playground. Popular activities this morning included playing in the outdoor kitchen mixing sand water and bark to make some wonderful dishes as well as out basketball games where the children were trying to score in the hoop.

We came indoors for our regular time where we called the roll, explored the calendar (the new month of May!) and also practiced learning our addresses again in preparation to drop our letters in the post box later this week. After our delicious morning tea we split into small groups to complete our planned activities today which included:

  • Making Mother’s Day creations – these will remain a mystery but it included lots of cutting gluing and crafting skills as well as love!
  • Writing our address – learning the numbers and letters that make up our addresses, copying the letters

Later in the morning we were outdoors again to enjoy some free play riding bikes, playing on the swings and getting busy in the sandpit. Many of the children are challenging themselves to try and cross all the monkey bars by themselves and they are making great progress so well done Kindy class!

In the afternoon we split into two groups again to explore the double slide playground by the carpark while the indoor group enjoyed some quieter activities like puzzles and drawing. Later in the afternoon we plan to join up with Kindy 2 class and practice some more basketball games like dribbling, bouncing, passing, catching and teamwork games.

Thanks for joining us today. Mr Andrew, Miss Kimi and Miss Steph