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Good Afternoon Babies 2!!

we started our day having morning tea together. so, we had some fruits and yogurt to get some energy to begin the day. it was nice to see that Finley and Noah were so excited to feed by themselves using spoons. our children are so interest to develop their self-help skills at this stage. Children have been choosing to play inside after having morning tea. so, they have been engaging with different kind of activities as their interest.

  • sensory bottles
  • stacking rings
  • building blocks
  • wild animals
  • trucks

We have had such a busy day today with plenty of activities set up outside. Miss T’arn borrowed the climbing beam from the toddlers yard for the children to practice their gross motor skills and balancing! Finley and Noah really enjoyed the climbing beam, they did amazing balancing standing and walking up and down the beam. To add to their climbing skills they both decided to climb into the box outside, they looked at Miss T’arn with BIG smiles on their faces. Finely and Noah were so proud of themselves getting into the box. we also set up a table with wet sand to create a sensory activity outside. Skyla was so excited to touch and throw sand around the yard while Finley enjoyed fill sand into a basket. Noah also joined with finley to continue our sensory sand play with a red bucket and some shovels. they all were so good in their gross motor skills.

Then we transitioned to another activity to develop and implement children’s fine motor skills. we chose some red and pink play dough to start this activity outside. Skyla loved to touch and feel the texture of the play dough and she used her fingers to squeeze it. Noah and Finley used their fingers to make holes in there and used the cutters to create animals and shapes. They both watched Miss. T’arn’s work first and started to roll and squeeze the play dough with her.

It was nice to see that all our babies are showing their interest on different areas as they are growing so fast.

have a lovely evening…

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.T’arn…