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Good Afternoon Babies 3!!

We have had a beautiful Monday in the babies 3 room today! We have started some new Easter activities and used some baby pink paint! Indi, Abel and Orion also did their Harmony Day painting which is now displayed on our wall for you all to see!

Millie was asking T’arn to blow some bubbles for her and her friends today. She pointed to where we keep the bubbles and was saying “bubbas bubbas.” It is rally good to see Millie showing us what her interests are. This is a great way to incorporate child initiated play into our classroom routine each day. Able tried to blow bubbles himself and he love it. All children enjoyed to catch bubbles as many as they can, laughing and giggling. Abel, Millie, Indi and Orion take turns to jump on the donkeys they had so much fun laughing and giggling.

Children enjoyed their lunch and helped to get out of the bag their sleeping sheets for their beds to have some sleep and rest. They really learning their daily routine and always they  love to be involved in set up.

Love Miss T’arn and Miss Jelena!