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Happy Monday everyone,  what a beautiful warm and sunny day it is today.

This morning our friends Luca and Lachlan H really enjoyed eating their yogurt, they demonstrated self-help skills and independence as they used the spoon to feed themselves. Hendrix and Luca also helped pack away by scraping their left over yogurt and fruit into the bin.

Miss Shelby brought out the coloured shapes threading beads, our friends Luca and Lachlan H used the blocks to build with. Luca said ”wow” each time he placed a block on top of each other. We also made some necklaces with the different coloured threading beads by placing them onto the coloured threading rope.

Today the children did coloured circle painting using blue and yellow paint with toilet rolls to create the circles on the paper. This activity allows the children to use their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills as they hold onto the toilet roll to paint with.

Miss Shelby