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Good afternoon from all of us at Babies 3,

Today Ivy, Abel, Indi, Millie, Orion, Tobias, Lincoln and Poppy had a great day, although it seems that everyone had a big weekend as we were all a bit tired today!
We structured the day to suit the children’s needs and emotions, supporting every child individually.
Lots of cuddles, reading, singing & nurturing was provided from Miss Jena and Miss Dominique.

We had a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities as the children really enjoy the time they have outdoors learning to ride the bikes and walk with the lawn mowers, we had a little adventure painting outdoors with the rain today, it was very calming for the children.

Abel really didn’t enjoy the feel of paint on his hands so we swapped to a paint brush and he absolutely loved playing in the yellow paint. We have been exploring different colours and textures with the children.
Indi had such a great time playing with the milk bottle and learning how to twist the cap on top on and off, something so simple, yet she really loved it.

Orion is learning how to hop on and off the bike and we brought it inside for him to continue practicing.
Poppy sat down and showed all the children the books that she brought in from home, the children absolutely loved the new books, thank you so much from all of us. We appreciate you.

Millie extended on her learning with her fine motor skills holding the coloured pencils and drawing.
Tobias enjoyed sitting down on the cushions reading a book today with his friends, he absolutely loved lunch today, its so nice to see him settling in.

Ivy absolutely loves to paint, she loved using her hands with the paint onto the paper, and once she had finished we showed her what she had done and she smiled.

Lincoln really enjoyed being back with his friends today, Indi was especially excited to see him and made him feel right at home with lots of cuddles.

We hope you had a lovely day today 😊
Miss Jena and Miss Dominique