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Welcome back. Here’s a few of our highlights from before and after school.

This morning, the children created mattress cubby houses with many rooms and roofs.

In the playground I introduced a new game of tiggy called seaweed, Jordan, Ruby, Lucas, Sophia and Arianna took turns to be it. Getting back to home base, linking like seaweed. Lucas then suggested to play hide and seek. No one wanted to play. Sophia suggested bombs up, a game of catch and throw. Most of the children joined in. Construction of waffle blocks combined with bikes saw the children creating storyline’s in dramatic play. Wynter built a robot that scans and protects her.

Indoors, Otto, Jason and Xavier worked together in homecorner to create healthy meals from play food for their restaurant. Reading, construction, cubby houses, roleplaying families and drawing emojis. Walk and Talk we talked about flying on a plane, holidays and festivals.


This afternoon we collected leaves on the way home from school, creating  leaf families on paper. Drawing on the leaves to give them identity. Children continued drawing on paper and folding to make paper aeroplanes. Bobby made another house from mattresses and enjoyed creating pictures with nail and hammer cork board.

Have a lovely day,

Thanks for reading the OSHC post. 💚❤️🦋🐝🎉🥰 Miss Lea