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Good Morning. this morning the children practiced their gross motor skills and hand eye coordination as they played basketball and then went on to play silent ball. They made predictions with the large swing as they applied different strategies to the motion of how the swing moved with different objects and weights. We talked about science and extending with sink or swim. Indoors the children moulded play dough and made furniture and shapes, enhancing their creativity and fine motor muscle development.  Puzzles LEGO and a game do stand up sit down, musical chairs and Limbo were children’s choice. In the garden we took turns to tumble the compost.


This afternoon the children gathered to find their envelopes and they counted out their Riversdale dollars. Harper redeemed her $10 for a diary.  Others added and subtracted with mathematical skills to reflect how much they needed to obtain $10.

The children created 3 lots of group houses by balancing Day beds for petitions. Dramatic role play storyline’s included families, dogs, and schools with teachers.

Enhancing self confidence and becoming respectful of living things some of the boys let the harlequin cotton bottles tickle their arms. Transferring the bottle from one hand to the other.

Thanks for the fun and for reading the OSHC post.

❤️🐝🐛🥰Miss Lea