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Good Morning

a wet morning so we headed to the treehouse to dance, hula hooping, swings, monkey bars and sensory sand play.

Indoors the children unanimously chose to play silent ball, making moves tricky with one handed throws and hoping or jumping on the spot.

Harper, Tia and Wynter constructed patterns of dominos, problem solving with cause and effect to what sequences had dominoes tumbling. They they extended their experience to create pieces of furniture from the dominoes.

This afternoon there was dancing, drawing, painting and cutting. Sienna, Scarlett and Taylor also made cards for birthdays for family members.

Parker, Falagi and Coen created and constructed robots to defeat the badies. Using judgement, problem solving with spacial awareness to make 3 very different figurines.

Role play with dolls house, cars, garages, dolls, food in home corner saw the girls creating dramatic storyline’s of families and shops.

thanks for reading the OSHC post.

stay safe for the long weekend  xx

Miss Lea