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Welcome to the OSHC page. This morning Wynter Jason and Ruby added the painted stones to our garden. Indoors the children created their version of an aboriginal flag with sand art. “I know what to do, as I’ve done it before and it it so much fun” said Ruby. Drawing with glue sticks and then using coloured sand. Cognitive skills as some children learnt how to sprinkle the sand gently from he spoon. Ruby brought in some snails from home, she reflected responsibility and care with the home she had made for them, supplying them with food and spraying them with water. In the playground the children chilled on the swing, rode bikes, scooters and Lucas focused on playing basketball. Transitioning to school with a music trivia quiz hat had us all singing loudly to the song cover me in sunshine. Lol. Catch the ball to name something you are going to do on the weekend. P.S. I just had to share this pic of the sunrise view from our playground this morning. Check out the similarities of the colours to that of the Aboriginal flag 😎.


This afternoon there was marble painting, face painting, construction of connectors, blocks and cubby houses,

group story was called Sorry where we talked as a group about birthdays parties and respectfulness.

Have a great week everyone, and take care🌺❤️🤩 Miss Lea.