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Good Morning 🤩 Early This morning Ruby, Wynter and I warmed up with dancing. Developing coordination and gross motor skills we made up moves to copy each other. Children’s request, Scarlett, Sienna, Wynter, Lucas and Ruby continued to create rainbows a grasshopper and ice creams with Polymer clay. Intentional teaching as children developed an increasing confidence to manipulate equipment. Wipping the plastic knife onto a cracker and spreading helped them to develop their congnitive skills. Their was lots of squeals of excitement as children sought out their friends hiding spots. They then  took turns to count, and hide their eyes, becoming aware of fairness. To transition to school, children reflected by naming their favourite food as they caught the ball. Walk and talk on the way to school we talked about what we are doing on the weekend.

Isabella, Maha, Scarlett, Ellie,  and Sienna were very excited to see donut, ice cream unicorn colouring in pages. They sat at the table singing and colouring with a sense of agency. Coen created a mini soccer game from polymer clay. Logan, Falagni and Taylah moulded and created clay sculptures and characters to incorporate in their play experiences. Parker played for most of the afternoon constructing  a multi layer, intricate building/ town from LEGO.  Later in the afternoon Falani and Coen joined in to add to the LEGO world. Everyone took turns to request a song. Lots of singing along throughout the afternoon.

Sending out lots of positivity for a fantastic weekend. Focus on all the things you love. ❤️🦋🐝 Thanks for visiting the OSHC page. Miss Lea