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Welcome back to the first day of term 3. Lucas Jordan and Wynter created a game up on top of the treehouse. Kicking multiple balls into the soccer nets and enhancing their gross motor skills, manouvering the ball with increasing prescision. Extended to on who could kick a ball into the tunnel below. Conversations were shared about the school holiday experiences, reflecting on what they liked best. Riding on the bikes helped to keep the children warm. Song request from Arianna and Sophia, “Mr Klicketty Cane”  had the children Singing and dancing.  Indoors Matilda, Arianna and Sophia played a disc board game and drew pictures. Lucas, Jordan, Wynter, and Tia took turns to play hide and seek. Transitioning to school with catch the ball to name the favourite thing you did on school holidays. This extended to conversations of what they did over school holiday on our walk and talk to school.

this afternoon, children hunted  for the smallest rock and the smallest leaf on our walk back to after school Care. Everyone got a Riversdale dollar for their efforts. I brought in the harlequin cotton beetles and Jordan, Lucas, Owen, Mariah and Lucy. “Pick up the blue one” prompted Mariah. That’s the baby, responded Owen. Transferring one context to another they made up storyline’s of how they were families.  “I’m going to try it” said Lucy after watching for sometime. “What do you think?” I asked. Amazing, she replied then went on to hold others. “It’s crawly and it feels good” said Bobby.   Children are becoming  aware and respectful of living things whilst learning about the environmental awareness of insects and animals.       Keyalee, Tia, Scarlett, Sienna, and Matilda constructed houses from mattress dividers and incorporated home area to prepare play food as they role played families with healthy food choices.

I have some amazing photos on my iPad if you would like to view please just ask.

Thanks for reading the OSHC post. Sending out positive vibes ❤️💚 Miss Lea