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Good Morning, today Matilda, Ruby, Bobby, Jason, Lucas, Jordan and Tia continued to create with Polymer clay. Louie and Otto and Wynter were pleased to take home their baked creations while others left theirs here to add to our garden. Silent ball was enjoyed by most of the children,creating some tricky moves to try and eliminate players. Louie constructed houses and tracks from dominos while Otto constructed tracks, wooden blocks and cars to create a city. Referencing from a picture. Wynter created her own storyline’s in dramatic play as she incorporated hand puppets. Lucas, Bobby, Jason and Jordan roleplayed hairdressers in home area. A group talk about stick insects helped to bring an environmental awareness of the important roles insects play in our world. Enhancing self confidence, Tia struck up the courage to feel a stick insect on her hand. Surprising herself that she could do it. Children Transitioned to school by catching the ball and naming our favourite insect.

this afternoon, children enjoyed a healthy platter of dips, toasted flat bread, carrots celery. Play experiences included role play in constructed cubby houses. Puzzles, homework, colouring in, polymer clay, reading, and the latest addition to the room was an interest in the interactive rocket. Bobby, Jason, Owen and Lucy played Hide and seek of aboriginal coasters, discussions of their favourite pictures and discussions on how the pictures might be used. Becoming respectful to diversity through play.

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