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A great morning as Lucas, Ruby, Violet, Hazel  and Wynter worked together in the sand pit to create a underground world. Continuing with their play experiences with games of tag. Indoors there was talks of the junior school carnival as children spontaneously built cubby houses, constructed  from  mattresses. Poppets, rubber band boards and magnetic shapes were played in the cubby houses. Group negotiations and problem solving  as the kids placed rice sacks on the parachute to bounce them upwards. Transition to school, catch the ball and name your favourite jungle animal and something you like to do at a sports carnival. As it is nearing the end of term and as an extension from playdough, this afternoon we made edible slime. Lots of sensory play, and as they ate some they changed the consistency from soft into a bit gooey. As they added more cornflour, they decided to decorate their faces. Was lots of laughs. Don’t tell dad it’s edible, I want to trick him. said Lucas. As the play experience continued Taylah, Matilda, Scarlett Harper, Charlie and Sienna, created a stage, made signs for Oxenford’s got Talent. Scarlett and Sienna used score boards as children took turns to dance. Taylah, you have got 108 points the girls announced.  Colouring in, drawing and making signs had children learning to spell tricky words as they asked for help. Bobby and Parker played with LEGO with a sense of agency. Group story, There’s a sea in my Bedroom.

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