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Welcome back to the OSHC page. A lovely start to the morning, as Wynter, Violet and Lucas shared laughs whilst playing a board game. As we ventured out into the playground Arianna, Sophia and Violet rearranged the beams and mats to practice their gymnastics. Bobby, Billy  and Lucas ran around the playground In a game of tiggy enhancing their running and gross motor skills. Matilda and Wynter role played in the boat, driving to various destinations. Indoors we got two big boxes and some paper. Tthe children creatively painted boxes to make cars and a mask box. Lucas and Bobby  worked together, “Look it’s got flames; said Bobby as he painted down the side.  This can be the bonnet and over here are the mirrors, said Lucas. Arianna, Tia, Violet and Sophia all contributed to painting a side in a colour of their choice.  Can we keep them asked Arianna. Yes I replied. The children painted with a sense of agency throughout the morning. The Transition to school, catch the ball and name your favourite fruit. This extended into smoothies.

This afternoon, children were engaged in box construction. Everyone chose their preferrred recycled material, the big boxes were most popular to make cars, signs and paint pictures on. The children enhanced their fine motor skills as they cut pieces and sticky taped pieces back on. This is my car and this is the bonnet, said Parker as he joined two boxes together then painted the cardboard. Children worked in solitude and also in groups of two or three. Bobby finished his cardboard box / car from this morning and took it to his safe and quiet space cubby house to play.  Scarlett, Sienna and Keya role played shops with  Poppits. Mariah, Charlie, and Ellie, drew pictures. Songs were requested as children sang and danced in play. A lovely afternoon, with some very cool pictures. If you would like to see the pics please just ask as they are on my iPad.

stay safe and enjoy your day. Looking forward to catching up again next time. ❤️🦋🌺🎉📦 Miss Lea.