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Welcome to the Riversdale Outside School Hours Care page. This morning the children were respectful to diversity as they had aboriginal symbols painted onto their arms. “Aboriginals use the Ochre rock to paint” said Arianna. As a group we discussed symbolism, hunting, tribes, how the school was collaborating each assembly with acknowledgement to country. “Aboriginal Week” chanted the girls as they put their hands together then waved their hands towards the  sky.

group games with bikes and scooters, and a game of tiggy.


This afternoon children were inspired by the aboriginal snake paints so we continued with this experience. Conversations of reconciliation week and how unfairly the tradional land owners were treated. Becoming respectful and an awareness of the Aboriginal culture. We discussed tribal images, hunting and tribal paints from ochre.

Colouring in cutting out, music, song requests, puzzles, and Bobby and Parker made a snake home with their cubby construction. Role play in home corner, cooking and families.

Tapping sticks in group time, brought laughter as children experienced a new song today.

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