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Great Morning as we ventured outdoors. Lucas coached Jordan with some footy tips, kicking techniques and how to roll shown on the blue mats. Xavier brought in the toy sale brochure in to tell us all about his favourite toys he wants for Christmas. Reading with Arianna he pointed out Mine craft and LEGO to be most popular. They’ve got dinosaur slime commented Arianna. Song request from Jordan, Bad habits, Ed Sheran. Turn taking on the swing, bikes and scooters. Group game, seaweed, a tiggy game that enhances negotiation skills, problem solving and becoming aware of fairness. Children extended this experience to a game they  added their own spin to which included the theme of the floor is lava. As an extension of toy brochures, we extended with drawing your favourite toy. Scarlett, Sienna and Matilda role played families in home corner, preparing meals. Transitioning to school with catch the ball and name your favourite season. We looked at strawberries growing in our garden. One just needs to ripen.

This afternoon children found 5 strawberries on the strawberry plant, they took turns to spin and turn the twirler in the compost. Indoors children danced to music with the rainbow ribbons. Colouring in and drawing, had Eva, Parker, Jordan, Lucas, and Mariah engaged with a sense of agency. Scarlett, Sienna, Sage, Reid, Matilda created houses from mattresses on their edge to create walls. Storyline’s incorporating play food, signs and  role playing families. Strategies and a steady hand as children took turns at the game of Jenga.

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