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welcome to the OSHC page. This morning children got to learn and write numbers one to ten in Portuguese with Miss Thais. We transitioned into the big room as the children engaged in ping pong, roll the ball & bat game, and constructed cubby houses, LEGO and magnetic shapes. Tia created a story with illustrations, she took to school for show and tell. Colouring in, drawing and an extension of yesterday’s game board ~ Sophia and Arianna coloured in game templates and made paper dice to play the game. As a group  children  contributed  to create a yoga pose, taking turns to suggest a move. Transition to school, throw and catch the ball to say your favourite number. We looked at 4 strawberries growing in our garden today. 🌺

This afternoon, children engaged in various play experiences such as kids on stage charades, construction of mattresses dominos, giant domino towers, rubber band boards, magnetic shapes, and experiments with coloured water. As an extension of board games today children coloured in dice templates, intentional teaching to learn about shading when colouring.

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