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Welcome to the OSHC page. This morning Lucas and Wynter worked together to join all the cube connectors. Construction play extended onto kinnect with nuts and bolts.  Venturing outdoors Tia, Lucas, and Wynter tried their agility to master the obstacle course, balancing on beams, jumping onto dots, running through hoops without touching the sides. We extended this with running races. Gross motor skills helped us to warm up on this brisk morning. Scarlett, Sienna, Tia and Matilda played a sensory game of guessing what they can feel with their eyes closed. Taking turns they prompted each other with descriptive clues when they saw someone struggling to guess the item. Lucas, Arianna, Sophia and Miss Lea kicked the footy in the playgroup.  Indoors Scarlett, Sienna, Matilda and Tia continued to role play families celebring birthdays. Lucas and Jordan created shops and houses as they counted play money, buying and selling goods. Arianna and Sophia enjoyed a game of boxes and suggested the transition topic of naming your favourite country or language.we played with Grasshoppers and tasted the strawberries in the garden.

this afternoon at group time we paid respects to the traditional land owners, and discussed what this means. We looked at Mariah and Keyalee showed us their beads on their earrings withAboriginal colours. Sage, Scarlett, Sienna and Matilda constructed houses from mattresses role played families and shops to sell poppies, incorporating maths skills of money. Art and craft the children decorated recycled paper strips to make bracelets. The snails were very popular with lots of slimy interactions.Eva and Owen rolled the dice and moved counters around the board game. Reid used giant dominos to construct a force field. Bobby, Parker and Reid learnt a sorting game from Mr Andrew. Using a stop watch they all got a turn to sort coloured balls into baskets. A lovely afternoon as children interacted with others, creatively extending on their play experiences with awesomeness and respect.

Thank you for visiting the OSHC page,  please ask to see the children’s photos on my iPad. Very happy to share.

Take care, see you soon, 🌺❤️💚🐌🎉🙂👍😎 Miss Lea