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A Great Morning as we welcome Wynter, Lucas, Xavier, Jordan, Matilda, , Tia, Bobby, Billy, Scarlett and Sienna to Before School Care. As an extension from paper planes yesterday, this morning we made chatterboxes. Intentional teaching as I helped Wynter to manouver the chatterbox rhythm  with her hands and fingers. “Look I’m getting it” said Wynter as she practiced repeatedly. I went on to help others with folding, and spelling of words. Outdoors Billy, Lucas, Jordan engaged in a game of soccer, while Scarlett, Sienna, Tia and  Matilda played in the mud kitchen. Do you need more sand asked Tia. Just in here replied Matilda. We need more water said Scarlett. Sienna moulded some sand into a cup and held it up. “ Do you like this cup cake.” She asked. Providing natural and constructed elements into children’s play can give them opportunities to explore, discover and experiment. These theories underpin cognitive development.  Theorist Piaget. Transitioning to school catch the ball and name your favourite emoji. This was some: ❤️🥳💩👻🙂.

This afternoon’s group time  we introduced a YouTube Dreamtime story called the Bat and the crocodile. Discussions afterwards helped children respond to diversity With respect, becoming aware of the Aboriginal cultures. A busy afternoon with construction as Owen, Kianni,and Ellie worked together with magnetic shapes, tubes, problem solving to balance the tubes and get the ball to roll through the tunnel. Bobby, Jordan, Xavier, and Reid combined LEGO and dominos, to make cities. Ruby, Taylah and Matilda enhanced fine motor skills to tighten bolts with wooden mechano. Lucy and Maha drew pictures of hearts and dresses, paying attention to patterned details. The day ended with running races outdoors and chilling on the swing.

Have a lovely night, and sleep well. Looking forward to catching up in the next OSHC post. 🌺👋🌻💚❤️🦋😷 Miss Lea