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Welcome to the OSHC page on this lovely sunny but cool morning. Lucas, Jordan and Xavier took turns to kick the soccer balls in the treehouse. Perfecting their gross motor and precision of manouvering the ball. Scarlett, Sienna and Matilda rode bikes to their make believe campsite. Construction of proceed and natural elements. “ Look I made a fire” said Matilda. “ I’ve got a pot to put on the fire” addedSienna.  Wynter practiced her balancing skills as she balanced and jumped from one long to another, cheating the size of small big. “It’s a pattern, right” said Wynter as she repeated the sequence with a sense of agency. Indoors children created cubby houses made from mattresses. Role playing shops and families. Transition to school catch the ball and name your favourite friend. Suggested by Sienna. Walk and talk, we told some good ol knock knock jokes.

This afternoon at grouptime, Bobby and Parker told the Dreamtime story of how the kangaroos got their tails. There was role playing of families and shops, counting money, negotiations to play fairly by taking turns. Mermaids were a popular theme for drawing and colouring in today. Construction of magnetic shapes, and dominos were incorporated in the children’s play. Some of the children headed to the garden today.intentional teaching of how to pull out weed, twirl the compost and add soil to the garden. The plants are very happy as they got lots of water. We shared more strawberries and children described them as so sweet and yum.Bobby raked over the garden ready for new seeds and plants. Children are becoming aware and respectful of the natural elements. Contributing to their environment. Lots of fun as we played outside in the mud kitchen, kicked balls and pushed our friends on the swing.

Have a lovely rest of your day. Looking forward to sharing our next adventures in OSHC tomorrow. Thanks for visiting the oshc page. With hugs  🥰💚❤️🦋🐌🤪 Miss Lea x