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Good Morning, reflections, and requests of our favourite songs to sing along to. Wynter loves Party in the USA while Tia put on the song, Problems. A song she is singing along to in Oxenford’s got talent. Lucas perfected his kick offs with his footy. Bikes and scooters becoming aware of fairness taking turns and being respectful of others riding on the path. Negotiations and resolving any conflict through conversations. Group game of hiding tiggy. Indoors, children continued their play experience with hide and seek. Scarlett, Sienna, Billy, Ruby, and Tia talked about healthy Harold and colouring in techniques as they sang to songs and  coloured in emoji sheets.

As an extension of children’s interests – very popular this afternoon was emoji colour in sheets, children sat with a sense of agency as they coloured rainbows animals and unicorns. Art and craft was colour crepe and paper plate to create 3D rainbows. Story time we incorporated the Dreamtime story of how the birds got their colours. Tapping sticks in group time helps to bring an awareness of rhythm.

An animal park was the cubby house theme today. Children incorporated their afternoon tea into the park. Making signs with writing and drawing on paper. Referencing animals in story books was Bobby, Jordan, Parker, Coen and Lucas.  intentional teaching on how to rip masking tape.

Taylah, Lucy, Hudson and Isabella role played Hairdressers in home corner. Taking turns and  encouraging autonomy of how to look after our hair..

Have a lovely day, and enjoy the rest of your day. Thanks for reading the OSHC post, 🌺🥰❤️🐌🐛🦋😎😀🤩 Miss Lea.