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Welcome  to Wonderful Wednesday. The morning started with an indoor game of hide and seek. We all went out into the playground and Lucas Jordan and Xavier kicked balls in the treehouse, perfecting the precision of manouvering the ball to the  posts, and nets. Kicking off the net, created a consistant rally. Scarlett, Sienna and Matilda role played police and robbers as they incorporated, slides, boat, bikes, scooters, and then they extended their play experience to include cooking in the mud kitchen. At 8:00 we come back inside for 30 minutes play before school. Lucas, Jordan and Xavier constructed a cubby house next to a shelf, here they constructed Jenga block city across the self  together. Matilda, Scarlett and Sienna created a classroom and played teachers and students. Using the large clock they reflected their knowledge of being able to tell time. They then went on to draw pictures of clocks with hands to show the time. Bobby made a lizard from magnetic shapes. Transition to school name your favourite fruit.

This afternoon, I read my latest storybook I have written for my business Bug Kidz. It’s Titled “Dugg loves Poo” all about the metamorphosis cycle of the Dung beetle. The QR code took us to the song I have in my show. “Play it again” yelled the children. Matilda, Lucy, Sage, Ellie, and Mariah interacted with the live harlequin cotton beetles. “Look, it likes me” said Matilda as it climbed onto her hand. Children are becoming respectful of living creatures and appreciating their environmental significance they play in our world. Riversdale dollars and prizes were earnt this afternoon. Children feel a sense of belonging as they counted their money in Catherine envelopes. Taylor, Matilda and Keyalee role played families and shops in home corner. Twirling ribbons on the mats to the music brang lots of smiles. Especially as I showed the girls how their ribbons flowed with pictures on the iPad. Jordan, Xavier, Bobby, Parker, and Coen completed puzzles, constructed shapes with magnetic puzzles, and built wooden towers. Drawing, colouring in, and cutting out was popular for some chilled time. Lastly we got to play a group game of tag in the playground.

Thanks for reading the OSHC page. Please see me to check out some photos on my iPad. Take care, and stay safe x ❤️🤩🎉🦋🌺🥳 Miss Lea.