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Hello families, welcome to the oshc page. I hope you are all staying safe and well through this lockdown period. It has been quiet here at Before and after school Care. this morning Wynter engaged with the younger children role playing and creating storyline’s as she played with the rocket ship and cars. “Can we listen to the greatest showman, rewrite the stars” asked Wynter. As I played her requested song Wynter sang at the top of her voice. When the song finished, I asked the children what picture I was holding. “A Platypus” most of them replied. “Would you like to hear a song about an aboriginal Dreamtime story how they think the platypus was made?” I asked. Yes replied the children. I briefly told the story before the song. As the song played Wynter bopped and danced along to the tune. Our walk and talk on the way to school was all about cats.

This afternoon I talked with Lucy and Owen about what fun things they would like to do as we walked back to after school Care. We talked about painting, face painting and swings and slides. As we arrived back to Riversdale we washed our hands and had some afternoon tea. On our way to the playground we stopped to water our garden. Finding it tricky at first they strengthened their fine motor skills to master the turning on and off of the tap. Filling up the watering vessels repeatly and watering the plants, I explained that they like to drink the water from their soil. I went on to explain that we should see their leaves point towards the sky once they have a drink. “There you go little plant” said Owen gently as he gave the plant a drink. I taught Lucy how to use the compost tumbler. We looked at all our fruits and vegetable growing but couldn’t find anything ripe enough to eat yet. Maybe next time. Lucy and Owen joined their friends to run and play on the swings. We ran out of time to do painting. Hopefully next time.

Have a lovely night and look forward to seeing you all next time. ❤️😷🎉🙌🏻💚🦋🌺 Miss Lea