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Happy Monday families, we hope you had a wonderful weekend and managed to keep dry.

During group time we read the story ‘When I grow up..’ this lead to a discussion as a class about what we would like to be when we grow up. We used this as a transition to morning tea.

Ryan – Doctor
Lachie – Police officer
Avila – Scientist
Skylah – Doctor
Bjorn – Fireman
Harrison – Pilot
Cruiz – Grown up
Myla – Doctor
Ariana – Teacher
Romney – fireman
Colton – Policeman
Harry – Astronaut

Today was a little different, today we got to explore the senior kindy environment for the day. The children were quite excited for this. On the tables the children had access to the connecting blocks, drawing, dinosaurs and the stacking blocks.

For yoga today the children focused on breathing and made a special bracelet to assist with this. Miss Hayley gave each child a pipe cleaner and a bead, the children then used their cognitive and fine motor skills to thread the bead on, Miss Hayley then assisted the children with popping on their bracelets. Miss Hayley demonstrated how she presses the bead on her bracelet as if it was a button, this would then make her pause and take a deep breath.

After Yoga Miss Saori sat with the children on the mat and went through some puppet exercises with them. They recited the story about a woman who swallowed a fly before singing some nursery rhymes.

Thanks Pre Kindergarten for a great day

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany