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Happy Thursday families, its so nice to be able to explore the warm weather again.

We started the day exploring the kindy 2 yard before making our way to the big yard. Water play was the clear favourite outdoor activity today. The children worked together to manipulate the water pump, in the hopes of the water making its way underneath the wooden bridge. The children then used the water to fill their watering cans and buckets to transfer the water to the sandpit and the gardens.

We also got our body moving as we explored the climbing equipment. Today we had two yellow balance beams set and different heights, being held up with green a-frames and blue safety mats underneath. For Arakan today we warmed up with a game of Simon says, before working on our coordination and our left and rights. Unfortunately, our lesson was cut short due to our fire drill, we still had a lot of fun.

As we began exploring indoor play, Miss Nads alerted us of a fire drill. We were quick to drop our activities and Line up with our educators at the front door. We walked in a line to our evacuation point in the front carpark. We were met by the rest of the centre, as we sat down in a shady spot Miss Bek called the roll and made sure we all got out safely. After Miss Emma checked on us we were able to make our way back to the classroom. Once we returned to the classroom we started exploring. On one table was the purple kinetic sand, the children found the playdough utensils such as cookie cutters and moulds but preferred to watch it pull apart in their hands. Dramatic play was a hit today, all the children took turns at using the new home corner sets, cooking up a storm for each other. The dinosaurs were added to our loose parts area, the children thoroughly enjoy mixing them with natural materials. During the rest period the children who did not sleep had access to  books, dinosaur puzzles and colour pencil drawing.

Thank you for a wonderful day,

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany