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Good afternoon families, Happy Friday

Miss Tiffany set up a dinosaur collage experience, for this the children had a copy of a dinosaur and used glue to stick down pieces coloured paper, shredded crepe paper, bark and sand. Delila, Harper, Latika, Colton, Chanel, Harry, Aleksander, Millie, Charlotte, Conall, Bjorn, Cohen and Vaughan thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Harry, Colton, Cohen and Vaughan moved on to the exploration table where the artificial grass and dinosaur were. They added the basket of Lego to the mix and make caves for the dinosaurs to live in.

Ariana and Skylah initiated a game of Mums and babies, Harper, Latika and Charlotte joined in they used the beds and spare blankets as baby beds and all took turns at role playing. Romney was busy exploring the loose parts area, transferring the bark and stones from one container to another, he then began lining them up when Bjorn joined in. Chanel had a blast dressing up as a surgeon today, the new dress up station has been quite the hit. Harry had fun dressing as a dinosaur this morning and Millie a superhero.

Mud kitchen was very popular today as the children extended on their recent explorations in the mud due to the rain over the week. Chanel and Harry were busy making yummy cupcakes.

Colton was busy exploring the water pump and bamboo blocks racing the cars down a watery track onto the rocks. Romney saw the fun Colton was having and decided to join in. Ariana, Charlotte, Aleksander, Millie and Delila were busy having slide races in the tree top classroom. We also explored the large hollow blocks, bikes, trucks, trains, skipping and the climbing frame.

Have a wonderful weekend, we can’t wait to explore again next week.

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany.