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It’s Friday!

Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten’s Blog 😊

We had a lovely morning play outside. Hendrix and Maia joined Harper to create an ‘Ice cream shop’ out of large wooden blocks and balancing them over the block trolley. The other children lined up to buy an ice cream which they usedcoloured construction toys as the coloured ice cream. We also grabbed rolled up paper for the cones to use. Ayla, Harley and William were enjoying the messy play areas such as the mud/sand kitchen and the water pump. A group of friends were having a discussion on how tall they are, measuring up next to each other. We decided together that we would measure ourselves on a height chart later in the day.

Miss TJ asked the children what activities they would like to do today. Milly said she would like to do “painting on paper”. Hendrix asked for “Cars”. Ayla suggested that we go “in the sand” and Maia was excited to go on the “slide”. We made it all possible when planning for the day.. Pre Kindergarten agreed with all of those experiences and were excited to get right into it. After having an awesome time enjoying the activities indoors we made our way outside again to explore the yard, especially the sandpit and slide.

Before lunch we had a group time with Miss Leesa and the Senior Kindy class reading ‘There’s a Hippopotamus on the roof eating cake’ and then gathered by the door to measure our height on a sheet of paper. The children were so excited to see how tall they were!

This afternoon our friend Milly will be sharing her ‘Titanic: Belfast’ story that she got while she was on her holiday with her Mum 😊

Have a great weekend everyone

Miss TJ x