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Happy Friday families!

Miss Bek and Miss Lara were in the room today as Miss Tiffany begins her holidays. Today we started the day in the senior yard, promoting physical wellbeing. Mr Andrew Initiated a high jump experience, using the plastic steps, safety mats and an obstacle set. The children gained confidence quite quickly with this experience starting off a bit reserved and asking for assistance to completely this task on their own with great pride in their accomplishments.

Miss Jen arrived for our Funky feet lesson and today we got to use the pom poms. Miss Jen set up a stage using our mat area, each child showed off their individual dance moves to everyone, it was quite fun.

We read the dream time story ‘The echidna and the shade tree’ during group time today as our involvement in reconciliation week 2021. The book tells the story of an echidna who gets upset with the other animals and takes their tree they use for shade from the scorching sun.

We made our own handprints using earthy toned paints as a way to extend reconciliation week into activity time. Most children participated in this activity, finding the paint very cold and ticklish. A lot of giggles were shared during this experience

We have had a wonderful day In Pre-Kindergarten today. Have a wonderful weekend,

Bek and Lara.