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Hi Families! Happy Friday!


Today we began our day with a lovely play outside with our Kindergarten and Senior Kindy friends. This is a great time for the children to develop new friendships, explore different activities and have a nice run around. They had great fun playing in the outdoor mud kitchen, playing with the train tracks and trains, and in the sandpit using their gross motor skills to swing from the monkey bars.

When it was time to come inside, we all put our hats away and sat on the green mat for group time where we sung skidamarink, said our acknowledgment to country and continued on from our discussions this week about manners. So far this week we have talked about please, excuse me, thank you and today’s was talking about how to say sorry. Miss Livia showed us some examples on the perfect time to say sorry and the children joined in and gave us some examples of when they say sorry too. We then moved off into morning tea, which was yummy raisin toast, banana and oranges.

After morning tea we asked the children what they would like to play with today, some of the suggestions were “playdough”, “drawing”, “painting” and “a cubby house”. They also pulled out the wooden blocks and began to make a car ramp for our cars to fly down! We have so many imaginative friends in Pre Kindy and it was so nice to see them using the blocks for another purpose, manipulating the playdough into lots of different foods and drawing creatively.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Lots of love, Miss Livia and Miss Danna xxx