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Welcome to Friday’s Blog 😊

We had such a lovely class to finish off the week. This morning while enjoying outside play Maia was looking for treasures in the sandpit and found a shell, Bonnie was filling up a dump truck with sand while using a spade. Kaylee and William loved having the train set outside. They worked together with Miss TJ to build a track and then drove the trains and cars around the track. Tanner was practicing his kicks and stopping the ball with his foot before kicking. Ellie had Harley on the back of her bike, driving him around with Chihiro not too far behind.

Once we came inside the children sat beautifully on the mat, just like Listening Lucy ready for a story that Ellie was very excited about since she loves all of the Lynley Dodd series. We read, ‘Scarface Claw’ and then ‘The very itchy bear’. The class love listening to stories. They are always so engaged. We transitioned off to activity time where the children enjoyed exploring the room and choosing activities to place on the tables such as coloured animals with the pom poms and recycled items- sorting the colours and transferring them into bowls and egg cartons. They also chose to role play with the farm set and explore the new ocean themed small world play with ocean animals, crepe paper as the water and natural items such as shells and wood. This area is extending off our ocean pollution discussions and extensions we have done over the past few weeks. There are also some images as conversations starters for the children of animals in their environments with pollution around them. Our seeds have been showing a lot of changes over the past few days with some of them already with roots and long stems. The children love watering their plant and observing them with the magnifying glasses.The class also enjoyed some free drawing and a colour matching card game.

The class have been asking Miss TJ all morning if we could visit the new slide area again and since they have been so kind and caring to each other we made their wish come true. Grabbing our hands and walking in partners, we made our way over to the slides where the children ran around with excitement and racing each other down the slides. We also spotted two horses at the house next to the top centre.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend 😊

Miss TJ xx