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Good afternoon families, Miss Bek and Miss Dominique in the room today as Miss Tiffany was absent.

We had a great day exploring, we commenced our day with a routine on our calm corner mat, we recited the indigenous acknowledgment, 5-star listener song and the days of the week, After signing the days of the week song during group time this morning, Bek asked the children what they did on the weekend. As the discussion progressed, we decided to interpret their words into pictures, by setting up a drawing experience at the tables. The children were encouraged to draw what they did on the weekend and discuss it with their peers at the table.

Once the children finished their drawings of their weekend, they were given the opportunity to self-select their experiences to explore today. We had a great day exploring the indoor environment. Bjorn, Chanel, Ryan, Lachie, Romney and Skylah danced to the musical instruments with Miss Dominique, they had a blast as miss Dominique role modelled how to dance along to certain sounds. They each had turns of the tambourines, shakers and small drums. Harry was busy exploring the dinosaurs, he found the basket on the shelf and pulled it out. Taking a handful of dinosaurs he began to line them up on top of the white construction shelf. “Raahh” Harry would repeatedly shout.

Myla, Harrison, Romney, Skylah, Ryan and Avila sat with Miss Bek in our calming area, together we read the book Harry and the dinosaurs at the museum we then moved along to the four dinosaur puzzles and worked together to piece them all together. Madalyn was busy focusing on the magnetic blocks, Harrison noticed Madalyn at the table and decided to sit adjacent to her. Together they engaged in light conversation as they compared their creations.

After activity time we packed away the room and made our way to the veranda for our yoga lesson with Miss Hailey. Today for yoga the children started on their backs quietly relaxing as Miss Hailey placed a small colour sticker on their foreheads. They slowly sat up and asked their peers what colour their sticker was. Next we focused on our breathes each taking turns of Miss Hailey’s expanding ball the children took a deep breath in through their nose and exhaled out through their mouths.

After Yoga we remained outside, the rain had held off at the perfect time. Lachie, Ryan and Bjorn discovered the matchbox cars and used the tracks to the sliding doors as a road, connecting the wooden blocks to the door tracks and racing the cars around. Chanel, Ariana, Avila, Bjorn and Lachlan were busy racing each other around the outdoor environment, down the slides over the hill and across the wooden stumps. Soon the rain lightly set in and we all found enjoyment dancing in the rain. Once the rain got too heavy we made our way back indoors.

We had a wonderful day today,

Miss Bek and Miss Dominique.