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Welcome back to another week at kindy 😊

Happy 4th Birthday Arlo! Arlo was super excited to tell his friends that it was his birthday today and that he had cupcakes to make! This morning we split our group in half to swap between group time and morning tea which we are finding a lot better for the children as they can engage in the group times more with a smaller class. We sang some of our favourite songs, did some stretching and Ivy shared photos of her holiday to the Sunshine Coast with her family. Ivy also went to the zoo, played putt putt and walk through a maze! Ivy was super enthusiastic when telling the class all about her trip.

Activity time was a blast as the children participated a few construction experiences, a gross motor challenge and putting together Arlo’s cupcake ingredients. Mr Nick heard that the children in Pre-Kindergarten have been enjoying construction, so he went to the shops and organised a nail and hammer experience. We made sure that we had our safety goggles on and carefully knocked the nails into the chunks of wood, using hammers. The children took on the instructions well and absolutely loved it! It was great fine motor practice and hand eye coordination trying to aim for the nail. The children also enjoyed the wooden nuts and bolts set, building with the magnets, free drawing with the new pens and working with Miss Lyn to measure and add all the ingredients for the cupcakes.

Miss TJ also set up a gross motor course using tape on the floor where the children had to jump, tip toe, balance and step over the tape. Our Yoga teacher arrived and the class cheered. We had an awesome class becoming aware of our bodies and practiced our belly breathing.

Before lunch we read a story called Pog 😊 The children can’t wait to sing happy birthday to our friend Arlo and try our yummy cupcakes.

Have a wonderful afternoon,

Miss TJ and Miss Lyn x