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Welcome to Monday’s Blog 😊

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, enjoying some time indoors while the rain poured down. The wind was blowing a cool breeze through the kindy so we decided to spend our morning inside the classroom and enjoying the home corner area, role playing with the farm animals and craft using glue and scissors to make envelopes.

While munching on our delicious morning tea we discussed what we would like to do today. Hendrix and Emerson asked if we could go and play by the “new slides”. Everyone in the class shouted “Yeah!” agreeing with the request. Ivy added that she would like to take drawing materials over to the new slides and Milly asked if we could bring the farm animal set. Great idea everyone! It has been so nice receiving the children’s input on what they would like to do at our morning tea or group times.

We grabbed our hats and water bottles, then walking beautifully over to the other playground. Miss TJ played the Curious George, Jack Johnson album which has great songs about sharing, recycling, and making friends. We listened to the music while the children ran around enjoying the chosen activities, obstacle course with a tunnel and ball games in small groups with Miss TJ.  The wind started to pick up, so we made our way back to the classroom where we had our Yoga class with Miss Hayley and then Miss Lyn read us a story called, A Monkey’s Tale.

Enjoy your afternoon,

Miss TJ and Miss Lyn xx