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Happy Monday

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend in this wonderful warm weather we have been having. The children in Pre-Kindy were excited to share stories from their weekend. After a a lovely morning play, exploring the monkey bars, sandpit and tree house we cam inside for our friends Hendrix and Emerson who shared photos from their weekends. Emerson was up first, showing off his Pirate costumes and photos of Emerson going to the movies and the beach with his family. Hendrix shared photos of his Tigger teddy who had a big visit at a family members farm. Tigger looks like he had a blast driving a few cars and a train and even doing some baking. The class thought it was so hilarious when Tigger was on the steering wheel. Hendrix is excited for when Tigger joins him at home again soon.We sang ‘wind the bobbin up’ and then chose a friend to transition off to morning tea and activity time.

For activity time we made a fresh batch of playdough since a few friends have been asking for playdough over the last week. We made lime green dough and added scissors, rolling pins and cookie cutters to the dough table. We had lots of fun using our sense of touch and smell while moulding the dough. Our friend Milly wanted to make her Grandma a card for her birthday so we made a craft table with folded pieces of paper, pens, crayons and collage. The children made beautiful cards for someone special. Pre K also enjoyed role playing in the home corner, dancing along to trolls and wiggles and using their imagination to build with the large blocks on the mat.

Miss TJ and Miss Jade has a great time with the amazing children we have here in the Pre-Kindergarten classroom!

Enjoy the rest of your day,

Miss TJ and Miss Jade xx