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Welcome to a new week parents and guardians!

Miss Tiffany is off this week visiting her family so today we had Miss Lara alongside Miss Bek. Today we continued exploring the jungle, in small groups we all contributed to making paper chain pythons. for this we had stops of paper, Texta’s for decorating and glue for forming the chains. we plan to add them to the room as we slowly transform it into a jungle.

To extend on reconciliation week the children explored the indigenous culture through dot painting using some sticks that were collected in the gardens of the senior yard. we explored earth tones such as orange, red, white, black and brown.

the possibilities were endless in the outdoor environment, as the children walked over the bridge into the paved nook area, they had the opportunity to construct using the large wooden blocks using the seated area they were able to make extremely tall building, the blocks were also used to make ramps for the matchbox cars.

The bike track is ever so popular amongst the Pre-Kindergarten children. Today the children looked for new ways to explore the bikes, they decided to take turns at being traffic controllers, telling their peers on the bikes when to stop and when to go.

We also explore:
– Dinosaurs
– Trucks and cars
– Dramatic play/Dress-ups
– Magnetic blocks
– Calm corner
– Tamborines and drums

РPlease remember to pack a jumper and closed in shoes, the weather is getting a lot cooler and we want to ensure your little ones are kept warm.
– A lot of hats have not been returned, for us to implement appropriate sun safety practices we do require your child wears a brimmed hat, lease have a look at home or in the car for your child’s hat, otherwise hats are able to be purchased from the front office.

Miss Bek and Miss Lara.