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Welcome to Monday’s Blog

It was a bit of a chilly morning, so we decided to stay indoors in the warmth a little longer. Once the sun came out to warm up the yard, Pre Kindy were ready to run around in the outdoors. We love how excited the children get when their friends arrive to kindy. The children are becoming more confident at drop offs and are excited to explore their environment.  

Group time involved singing along to some of our favourites. We sang ‘Colours of Australia’ knowing a few more words now after so much practice and ‘Skinner Marinky’. Marlie chose ‘Dora the Explore: Follow those footprints’ to read for story time. The book was about an investigation that Dora and Boots went on to find out who was making the footprints. The class called out their guesses and were great at guessing the words to the story when Miss TJ prompted them.

During activity time we gave the children the opportunity to choose to play indoors or outdoors on the veranda. Inside the children participated in a cut and glue activity REUSING magazines to cut up and collage onto black paper. The children also enjoyed making homes for the dinosaurs out of the collection of recycled items, free drawing and role playing with the animal farm and doll house. Outside we again focused on our scissor grip and cutting skills, using the scissors to cut herbs, leaves and sticks. We did this activity on Friday last week and they loved it so much that we chose to explore it further. The children found a caterpillar and a jumping spider amongst the bowl of natural materials. The children were suing their imagination making a salad for the bugs, food for the ants and dinner for the class. The herbs were strong smelling and it gave us the opportunity to explore our senses.

We had a big run around the yard before coming inside to enjoy a delicious Nachos lunch.

The class are quite tired today after their big weekends are enjoying a much-needed rest.

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ and Miss Jade xx