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Welcome back to a fresh new week! we started the day exploring the outdoor environment. Harrison and Ivy were busy exploring the swing, taking turns at pushing each other and their Kindergarten peers. Madalyn, Myla, Avila and Harry explored the sandpit, Madalyn was busy digging to see what she could find, Harry joined in. Avila and Myla were having fun on the small swings using their feet in the sand to create drawings as they swung back and forward.

Colton enjoyed the bikes with Ryan and Cruiz, Colton explored the identity of a policeman trying to catch Cruiz and Ryan as they rode the red bikes. Ryan switched it up and started exploring he orange scooter, before resorting back to the red bike. Lincoln was quite busy, he began exploring the sandpit before moving along to the tree house. Lincoln soon joined Bjorn and Lachlan over at the hill climbing up and sliding back down.

After exploring the outdoor environment we washed our hands and made our way inside for morning the and grouptime, where we recited the indigenous acknowledgment, discovered the days of the week and spoke about todays planned experience.

For our teacher initiated experiences the children were able to make handprint or footprint monkeys to extend on their jungle themed learning journey. for this we used to different shades of brown paint. We had pictures as a reference and the participating children chose to either use their foot or their hand.

The children were still very excited to explored our jungle sensory trough. Avila, Myla and Harrison added the magnifying glasses to the trough. Colton was busy manipulating the puzzles pieces to fit in their correct place, with the help of Lincoln.

Cruiz and Lachlan explored the trucks and cars driving them over towards Ryan and Bjorn with the large dinosaurs.

We also practised a fire drill today, Miss Emma Blew the air horn to let us know it was time to evacuate the senior building, We all lined up and made our way to the evacuation pointing the senior yard. The children did really well at this.

we hope you had a wonderful start to your week.

Miss Bek and Miss Lara.