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Welcome to Thursday’s Blog 😊

It was great coming out into the yard this morning and seeing all of the excited Pre-Kindergarten children, showing off their Superhero costumes and playing so nicely with each other. They were playing games on the grass hill, pretending to fall/slide down the hill and asked a friend to catch them. There was also a lot of children enjoying the sand pit digging holes, swinging on the swings and trying out the monkey bars.

We came inside to have a group time together on the mat. We stretched our bodies and then warmed up our voices singing along to some music. Miss TJ found a fun game that we could play on Youtube where we had to listen to different sounds and guessing what they were. This was a great extension off our senses learning, focusing on the sense of hearing. They loved this game! We could hear a lawn mower, someone blowing their nose, a bird, a toilet flushing, running water and many more.

Activity time was spent mostly inside as it had started to spit with rain outside. We gathered all of our recycling that we have been collecting over the past few weeks onto a large table. It was up to the children to use their imagination and creativity skills to create something using a couple pieces of recycling, scissors, tape and pens for decorations. This experience was a huge it! We couldn’t believe some of the things that the children were making such as trains, helicopters, cars and castles! On another table we explored our sense of taste. Miss TJ cut up a lemon into small bites and invited the children over to tasTe and tell us what it tastes like and feels like on their tongue. We saw many funny faces being pulled and had to get a snapshot of them. The children chose cars and trains on the big town mat and green playdough to touch, feel and mould with.

Mr Daniel took small groups outside in the tree house before we went for a run around outside once the rain had stopped for a bit. Delicious burgers for lunch with lots of yummy salads!

We hope that you have had a great day!

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx