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Welcome to Thursday!

Today we had a lot of request for activities to experience which is always great to extend on the children interest! Our first request from a few of the children was to play with play dough! We haven’t had a chance to play with play dough for a while but we made sure that the children washed their hands before and after playing with the dough and made sure that we did not put any of it in our mouths! The class were great at taking on the instructions and had so much fun manipulating the dough with their fingers. We added the Mr Potato head pieces into the dough to create!

The group also had fun doing another cut and paste experience where they sorted the rubbish items into the recycling and garbage bin which was an extension off from our discussion on recycling yesterday. The children chose to dress up and role play in home corner, colour sort with the animals which seem to be the class favourite at the moment and racing the cars along the cardboard road that we made from cardboard. There is always plenty of things you can do with recycled items.

The sun had warmup the yard a bit, so we decided to take our adventures outside to let some energy that we have collected being indoors. Another request we had from Zander was for Miss TJ to read ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ which Zander and a few friends use to love listening to when they were with Miss TJ last year. Miss TJ had the children’s full attention as she acted out the story while tweaking the story line a bit. The class absolutely loved listening and even finishing some of the sentences for Miss TJ. We would love to extend on their enjoyment by doing more fairy tale stories with the white board and toys.

Have a wonderful afternoon. Don’t forget to collect your plants!

Lots of love from Miss TJ and Miss Livia who are so grateful to have such an amazing group of children xx