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Welcome to Thursday 😊

Happy Birthday Harvey Ky..

Today is our lovely Miss Livia’s last day with us ☹ Livia has been an amazing friend to us all and we are very sad to say goodbye. The children made her last day a memorable one giving her lots of hugs and drawing lots of beautiful pictures for her.

This morning, Pre-K enjoyed the outdoors, exploring the water play stream and digging in the sandpit. Today we also met our new friend (Pre-Kindergarten assistant) Miss Deb who is very excited to get to know the children! For our morning group time the children sat in a circle and we passed a ball around, introducing ourselves to Miss Deb and telling her what our favourite colour is. We did this activity a couple months back and the children were quite shy and copied their friends with whatever colour they chose. Today we were very impressed with everyone as they all said their name with a beautiful sentence saying “Hello, my name is…” and then said their own favourite colour. Well done Pre-K!

We had a lovely time at during play time building train tracks, drawing Miss Livia pictures to put into her card that we made for her, baking Harvey’s 4th birthday cupcakes and choosing experiences off the shelves to challenge our brains with. During our play we had Arakan Martial Arts outside and then we came together onto the mat to read another dreamtime story about why koalas have stumpy tails.

Hope you all have a wonderful night. Miss Livia just wanted to say thank you so much to all the wonderful families in Pre Kindy.

Miss TJ, Miss Livia and Miss Deb x