Welcome to Thursday’s Blog

This morning Miss TJ and Miss Livia were off to have a team meeting to further better our practice and work as a team to make the children’s day’s here at kindy one where they feel involved, safe and fun! Miss Dominque and Miss Jess spent the morning with Pre Kindy.

Today we had our Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show which stared Braveheart’s loveable lion cub called Ditto and a presenter. The show was a fun, interactive show that taught our children the essential personal safety skills and knowledge using age-appropriate language, song and dance. It was a great and light way to educate our children on ways to keep safe. It was great to see the children getting involved in the dancing and sing along songs. What a great experience for Pre K!

After our show we traveled between Arakan Martial Art outside with Mr Dan and choosing indoor experiences. The children chose to do more Halloween inspired paintings from yesterday, free drawing, puzzles and home corner role playing.

This afternoon we will be enjoying a group time together for our friend Milly to share photos of her holidays up north to the Great Barrier Reef with her family. Milly has been super excited share stories and share photos of how she went snorkeling.

Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon,

Lost of love from,

Miss TJ, Miss Livia, Miss Dominque and Miss Jess 😊