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Welcome to Thursday’s Blog 😊

Pre-Kindergarten had a lovely morning play outside, splashing around in the water troughs and venturing around under the shade of the trees and the fort.

We decided to continue enjoying the outdoors, having our morning tea in the garden. The children were having discussions on plants and insects while eating up their yogurt and fruit, so we decided to explore the side garden and find any new vegetables, herbs and flowers. India spotted the bunch of sunflowers that were blooming, Arlo pointed out the strawberries that were turning red and Oliver noticed that we had two big corns growing quite big. The children took turns in watering the plants and were even splashed with a bit of mist by Miss TJ to cool us down.

After a big play, it was time to relax for 10 minutes on the mat with Miss Deb where we read stories and drank water to cool off. The children then slowly transitioned off to activities at the table. At one of the table Miss TJ set up a drawing activity where we watched a clip on YouTube on how to draw a wasp step by step. Our friend Marlie shared with us a while ago that she does this a lot with her family. Over the past week the children have been showing interest in nests and wasps. Miss TJ put a wasp (not alive) on the drawing table that we found on the floor yesterday, to get a closer look at what they look like. The clip showed us step by step instructions and the children (as always) amazed us with how well they did. The wasps all look amazing and so detailed! Thanks Marlie for a great activity idea! The doll house was very popular today with a group of children surrounding the house and role playing together. It was a great activity time with the children focused on their activities and playing so nicely together.

Before lunch we read stories with Miss Deb again and made our beds!

Have a wonderful weekend 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Deb x