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Welcome to Thursday’s Blog

This morning we learnt a new song called the ‘Wombat Wobble’ which the class absolutely LOVED that they wanted to do it again. The song sings about the animals of Australia and the didgeridoo. The song goes through different tempos going slow and then faster and faster. We could not stop giggling! Singing songs always helps us warm up to the day.

We got some exciting news this morning. Our worms had arrived for our worm farm. Perfect timing when we are discussing ways to be sustainable. We watched a short clip on what sorts of food we can feed the worms and how to take care of them. During activity time today we went a visited the worm farm, observing the worms moving around in the dirt. It is going to be great further learning about the worm farm and observing them every week.

The group enjoyed choosing activities to experience during activity time. They chose to play with the threading beads which has been a favourite this week, matching the sequins to the boards and drawing pictures of worms 😊

We had a lovely day together. Hope you have a great afternoon,

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx