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Good afternoon families,

what a wonderful day we have had today in Pre Kindergarten. We started our day exploring the indoor environment, Harper, Charlie, Ariana and Skylah role played Mums and Babies on the group time mat, They had access to their blankets and set up a bed to use as a baby cot.

Ivy, Harry, Colten and Delila explored the train set in our construction area, it was nice to see them build positive relationships through play while being able to build the train track using trial and error and working together.

Myla, Chanel and Avila sat at the table exploring the magnetic blocks, board and letters, while Connel, Aleksander and Cruiz explored our new loose parts area.

Soon it was time to pack away and might I add Pre Kindergarten did such an amazing job at tidying up their environment. Next we sat on the mat for group time, We recited our indigenous acknowledgment and sung our 5 star listener song. Bek then initiated a group discussion asking the question “What does sun safety mean to you?” here are their responses:
Ariana – Because its hot
Charlotte – It will burn us
Harper – Suncream so we don’t get hurt from the sun
Colten – Shoes
Ariana – Sunglasses
Miss Bek also mentioned the importance of drinking water and we decided it would be a great idea to have water reminders every 30 minutes.

We popped on our suncream and made our way to the sliding doors as we lined up in a long line we were able to go explore the outdoor environment. Miss Emma was busy in the yard this morning setting up a dinosaur mat with the large dinosaurs and large wooden blocks. This area was quite a hit! The children also had access to the bikes and scooter, art station, mud kitchen with water play, Soon enough Mr Ben arrived for our weekly arakan lesson, we made our way up to the outdoor classroom area and proceeded to warm up by doing arm rolls, rocket jumps and a quick game of Simon says. Next we moved onto practicing our stance and then hitting straight palms into the focus pads.

Thank you Pre Kindergarten for a wonderful day,
Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany.