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Konichiwa, Namaste, Bula, Hola!

What an amazing day! The weather was beautiful, and the children were so kind to one other. Coming inside after fun play with our friends we sang our Hello song, learning how to say hello in a few languages and also learnt Where is thumbkin which Marama wanted to sing for us. At group time we spoke about the word RESPECT and how we can respect our environment, our friends and family and our belongings. This is something that we wanted to focus on over the next few weeks as an extension off our learning about taking care of our belongings, being kind to each other and looking after our environment which we dived into further exploring since April this year. The group helped Miss TJ to brainstorm a few thoughts on respect on a large piece of paper. The children joined together to sing Happy Birthday to our friend India who celebrates her 4th birthday today. We then transitioned to morning tea by drawing a circle on the chalk board with a piece of chalk. Miss TJ and Miss Livia were very impressed with everyone drawing great circles!

After our morning tea we had a lovely surprise. Outside and across the street the children could see a police car. We ran out with our hands to go an observe. The police walked across the road to come and say hello to us which was a huge treat and the children were so excited! They told us what they were doing today and asked the children a few questions about our kindy. On the way out they put on the sirens and flashed their red and blue lights. We decided to adventure outside some more exploring the sensory areas, riding around on the bikes, putting together India’s cupcake ingredients to bake for this afternoon, and joining in at Arakan Martial Arts with Mr Dan.

Pre Kindy classroom was opened for the children to also play inside if they wanted to. A few friends came inside to play with Miss TJ’s piano. We had fun dancing around to the music and also using the clap sticks and drums to add to the sound.

Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx