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Pre Kindy children had a lovely morning with Miss Shanaya and Miss Otavia playing fun games on the mat and exploring the activities around the classroom. As we were stuck inside most of the day because of the wet weather we decided that we would get some extra energy out by dancing along to some of our favourite sing along songs from our favourite shows and movies. The children enjoyed having some time in the home corner, dressing up in the costumes and playing ‘shops’. At the craft table the Pre Kindy children chose to get create using the materials around them such as coloured paper, glue, scissors and collage to create master pieces. They also like using the whiteboard markers on the white boards, practicing to draw shapes and write letters. The group also loved role playing with the doll house and farm set.

It was so lovely to see the class involving each other in play and communicating well! We have been focusing on sharing the last few weeks and ways we can ask for a turn of something and problem solving through times when we want to play with something that another friend is playing with. We read Jack and the Beanstalk with Miss TJ and then transitioned off the lunch time and rest time. All our friends were very tired today with all of them having a little rest. Rest is so important for our bodies to re fresh!

Have a wonderful afternoon

Miss TJ, Miss Livia and Miss Otavia and Miss Shanaya xx