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Welcome to Tuesday 😊

This morning, Miss TJ and Miss Livia were welcome by big smiley faces and children who were excited to be here at kindy. Some morning can be hard at drop off but once we come in we have the most amazing time with our friends!

This week we are celebrating NAIDOC week which us where we celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. During our morning group time we marked the roll, sang some of our favourite songs along to the music including ‘12345 once I caught a fish alive’ and ‘Where is Thumbkin’. Our friend Zachary wanted to show off his awesome shirt that his Mum painted for NAIDOC week with amazing dot painting over it. Over the week we will continue to celebrate NAIDOC week through dream time stories, music and movement, researching the culture and art. Yesterday we explored birds making their nests as Ellie found a birds nest on the floor in the yard. Continuing on from our bird discovery and incorporating NAIDOC week we decided to read ‘How the birds got their colours’ story which is a dream time story. It was such a lovely story about Australian birds who were once all the same colour and then one day a bird hurt its foot and when the sore burst, colours splashed out of its foot covering all of the birds with colour.

Extending on the story we did painting on easels outside with all of the colours of the rainbow and using pictures of Australian birds as inspiration for our paintings. The paper’s were full of colours splashed around with some children enjoying mixing the colours and others having a go at creating a bird focusing on painting their wings, legs, beak etc.  Inside under the cool air con, the Pre-K children enjoyed cutting, crafting and drawing at the art table, building with small blocks and magnets, racing around on the car mat with the cars, trucks and trains and role playing with the small animals and at the hair salon.

Before lunch we had a great music and movement lesson with Miss TJ where we practiced our numeracy while exercising along to ‘Count to 100’ song by Jack Hartman. We then made a circle to stretch our bodies and sing and tap/clap along to songs. To transition off to lunch we played ‘Currant Buns’.

Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xxx