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Good Afternoon Families,

Throughout the course of the day the children have been involved in indoor/outdoor play activities. Outdoors they have participated in an obstacle course created with equipment and loose parts (T.I). This obstacle course saw the children develop their social and gross motor skills, as they were required to balance, jump or hop over items; in addition to waiting for their turn and recognising opportunities to help others.

Whilst outside we also spent time in the mud kitchen (P) as we practiced making pancakes in recognition of Pancake Day. The children gathered a variety of sandpit toys and kitchen utensils to use in the kitchen area. Mud, dirt and leaves were used as the ingredients, with “decorations” such as sticks and colourful bags to go on top of the pancakes (A). The children worked collaboratively with their educators to collect and distribute the items fairly. In doing this we discussed fair practices and ways in which we could be considerate towards others (I.T).

Other outdoor activities included bicycle riding, drawing, threading and digging (C.I).

Indoors, we enjoyed pancakes for morning tea (P). These were offered with strawberries, blueberries and syrup. Some children were really surprised by the taste of the syrup and shared their enthusiasm with the educators. We discussed the taste of the pancakes and fruit, and many of the children acknowledged that the pancakes were sweeter with the syrup and fruit, in comparison to eating it without them.

At group time we continued our discussion about Chinese New Year (P) by by discussing Zodiac signs related to this year (the Ox) and the year the children were born (the Rooster). This discussion led into talking about the names given to male and female animals, and ways we can visually distinguish between the two.

Indoors, the children initiated (CI) dramatic play in home corner pretending to make pancakes using the pots and pans on the stove top. Table activities included stamp painting (TI) and number mats for counting practice (TI).

Tomorrow the children will be introduced to traditional Chinese music for dancing and music time (E). Additionally, to continue our physical me learning theme the children will practice tracing their hands (P).

We hope you enjoy the photos.

Amy, Parminder and the team.