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Good Afternoon Families,

This morning the children begun their day in the senior yard engaging in an educator-led hurdle jumping activity. The children were in small groups as they participated in the activity with Ms. Amy. During this they practiced revising social skills such as turn taking and sharing. Additionally, the activity aimed to develop their gross motor and spatial awareness capabilities, as they were required to judge the distance and height of each jump independently. The children expressed enthusiasm as they achieved the game, and some also demonstrated their sportsmanship as they congratulated others on their achievements.

At group time we reviewed our red and green choices, by playing a game using visual cards to assess and determine actions that fall into a red or green choice. The children took turns adding the choices to the display, and many of the actions prompted children to share stories pertaining to the action in discussion.

Table time saw the children request a number of activities such as playdough, farm animals and building. The playdough provided an opportunity to revise our shape knowledge. The children also practiced making the shapes themselves.

As an extension of the interest demonstrated in shapes we will implement a shape painting activity in tomorrows program. Additionally, we will be organising a ‘social contract’ with the class regarding the types of actions we would like to see integrated in our interactions with peers. The children will have an opportunity to voice their thoughts which will be made into a classroom display.

Wishing you a lovely Tuesday!
Educators: Ms Amy & Ms Parminder